The Ultimate Mauritian SME Web Design Offer

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Which Web Design Plan Is Right For You? Details Below

Option A: Membership Web Design

As from only Rs 175/month

The Membership Web Design option is our innovative concept which makes web design in Mauritius easier and more affordable than ever to thousands of SMEs and companies. Instead of paying a one time fee or requiring a big budget for designing your company’s website, we offer the same professional and highly dynamic web design service on a monthly membership level.

That is you only pay a monthly fee, and you get your brand NEW DYNAMIC website, including web hosting and .com or .net or .org or .info domain name. Our price starts as from only Rs 175/month for a contract of 3 years depending on your website’s complexity.

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Option B: Traditional Web Design

As from only Rs 1990

If you already have a fixed budget for your company’s website, the traditional web design option might be a better option for you. In this option, you will basically pay a one time fee varying between Rs 1990 to Rs 24000 (or more) depending on the type of website you are looking for.

Web hosting and domain name (.com or .net or .org) are offered free for the first year and you will have to pay for your web hosting and domain renewal fee on a yearly basis as from the 2nd year. Our yearly web hosting fee starts at Rs 1080/year and domain name fee for standard domain names starts as from Rs 600/year.

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